Dental Treatment in London


Since the practice adopted a forward thinking approach to the provision of dental care outside the NHS treadmill, we are able to provide you with a modern and more comprehensive service that concentrates on your specific needs, and promotes a wide range of choices in private dental care.

Our philosophy is that we are here to listen to you and cater for your needs; please do not hesitate to talk to a member of the team if you have any comment or concern; and remember: We are always here for you.


Cosmetic Surgery and Dental Treatment

In an age when appearances matter, more and more of us are thinking about cosmetic treatment. The boom in health tourism has seen both cosmetic dentistry abroad and cosmetic surgery abroad rise. Both the potential risk of MRSA infection and the expense of UK treatment are making more of us look for a dentist abroad, or consider a procedure such as breast enlargement abroad.

Figures for 2006 show that in that year, 22,000 Brits sought dental treatment abroad, while nearly 15,000 opted for cosmetic surgery abroad. Thousands of others travelled for other surgery and for infertility treatment. By 2010, nearly 175,000 visits were forecast for things like cosmetic dentistry abroad and breast enlargement abroad, or to see a dentist abroad.

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